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Write Your Representatives

Write your representatives in congress and let them know how important it is that our government provide leadership and funding in the struggle to find a cure for neuroblastoma.

Send a pre-written email to your representatives

You can use the form below to automatically send an email to your representaives in Congress telling them that you want them to support more funding and research for neuroblastoma and other pediatric cancers.

Every contact counts! Please fill out the form completely, including your name and address before submitting. To be most effective, your representative must be able to identify you, their constituent, as the source of this email. If you need to look up your representatives, you can do so at The US House of Representatives website.

You can copy the text below, paste it into your own email program, and replace names in brackets with your information.


Dear {Representative's Name}:

I am writing to ask you to support increased funding and support for researchers working on neuroblastoma and other forms of pediatric cancer. I want you to be aware of the following statistics:

Approximately 11,400 American children were diagnosed with cancer last year. In prior years, The National Institute of Public Health allocated research funds of $595,000 per diagnosis for pediatric AIDS and only $10,000 per diagnosis for pediatric cancer.

Neuroblastoma is a children's cancer that affects 500 to 1,000 new children in the United States per year. The typical age of diagnosis is 2 1/2, with over 70% diagnosed at stage IV, when solid tumors have spread to two or more areas of the body or vital organs. The long term survival rate of stage IV neuroblastoma patients is under 30%.

Children who are suffering from these cancers are given the most aggressive treatment that their little bodies can possibly tolerate in the hopes that a few will survive. But the odds are simply not good enough. They are being sent to a “war” they cannot win.

There is a great need for new legislation to dramatically increase the level of pediatric cancer research funds. I am asking you to work with your colleagues to sponsor new legislation and help us turn the tide in this war in which so many of our children are on the front lines.

I would like to receive a response from your office indicating how you will be able to help work against pediatric cancer. Also, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or if I can assist you in any way. If you want to learn more about neuroblastoma, you can visit To learn more specifically about the funding challenges facing pediatric cancer research, please see our online presentation [].

Thank you for your attention on this important matter. I look forward to hearing from you.


(Your name}
{Your address}
{Your City, State and Zip}
{Your phone number}
{Your email}


Download a letter template

If you prefer to send your letter through the postal service, you can download a template and customize it for your own purposes. (Microsoft Word® or RTF)

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