In honor of...
Aubrey Jessica Bales
Date of Birth:
05 Jun 2004
Date of Diagnosis:
29 Dec 2005 at Stage III
When I grow up, I want to be:
She is too little yet, I know that she will want to be healthy
My family:
Jason and Tiara Bales, 3 sisters and a brother Grandma & Grandpa
My pets:
Sam (Siberian Husky)
My favorite place:
Home after all its where the heart is
My favorite thing:
Her nunnie it comforts her.
My favorite movie:
Doodle Bops
My favorite song:
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Something special about Aubrey:
Aubrey is more than anything, a fighter. A very strong willed little girl who has had to endure more than any child should have to. Aubrey is also extremely lovable. When she was 1 1/2 she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma stage 3b. We initally thought that it was a torn muscle as a family physician had said, (Aubrey had fallen against the corner of a toy box and a large lump appeared) but after a month the large lump on her back grew. When we went to see a surgeon to remove what our doctor now believed and the surgeon as well thought was a large cyst (golf ball size) we were set up to have a CAT scan. Afterwards we went home and one hour later I received a call I will never forget. The nurse said I had to bring Aubrey back to the hospital right away because she had cancer and it didn't look good for her. This is a parent's worst nightmare coming true I thought. Our hospital room was surrounded by doctors and surgeons. Aubrey had Pet scans and MIBG scans and MRI and more CAT scans oh yes and the dreaded bone marrow test. Along with a 24 hour urine test. We found out the neuroblastoma covered her whole left side above her kidney through her adrinal gland through her spine out her spine back through again and back out her back rib cage where we were able to see the lump. It had collapsed her left lung and was now beginning to affect her walk. We had thousands of prayers across the United States from people we didn't know but had heard about our daughter. Our surgeon Dr Bucchi opted for surgery to try to remove as much of the tumor as possible. He would preform the surgery on the front while Dr. Berrini would do the back surgery. 13 hours later our daughter came out of surgery. Dr. Bucchi (Dr. ONIBUCCHI UKIBIALLA, I think I am spelling it wrong but he goes by Dr. Bucchi anyway.) We were told that they believed they had gotten all of it with the naked eye. We were in the hospital for almost two months 2 weeks in intensive care so that they could have her on a breathing machine to allow enough pain medicine that it would cause her to stop breathing on her own. She was swollen like a balloon. Aubrey had to learn to walk all over again. She was scared to death of the people who were helping her. She had to have breathing treatments for her collapsed lung. We ended up having to have surgery all over again because the double port that was put in became affected and had to be removed. Aubrey has follow up scans every three months and has to be sedated. Prior to her MIBG scan every three months she gets an injection from nuclear medicine, and an iv start for the next day. She is also cathed for 24 hours. The good news is that the surgeons removed all the cancer. Now we just have to pray it doesn't come back. Thank God.
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