Nicole Kellogg
In honor of...
Nicole Ann Frances Kellogg
Date of Birth:
24 May 1979
Date of Diagnosis:
01 Feb 1980 at Stage IV
When I grow up, I want to be:
I am a receptionist, helping skin cancer patients
My family:
Mom, Dad, 3 brothers
My pets:
Dog, Cat, Bird
My favorite place:
Maui + Disneyland
My favorite thing:
pink \"Magic\" bunny, went with me to every doctor apt.
My favorite movie:
The Little Mermaid
My favorite song:
Power of Love, Huey Lewis
Something special about Nicole:
I am an adult who survived stage IV childhood neuroblastoma!!! I have had surgeries in my adult life because of the various treatments I received during my 4-year fight with the terrible cancer. I am happy to say that my experience of being a childhood neuroblastoma survivor has given me insight and appreciation of the world around me. I take life by the reins! Fear is never an option! Survivors can do anything that \"healthy\" people can do! I have a hornors syndrome, my eyes are 2 different colors and only one side of my face sweats when I get hot! It is cool, even thought it is from treatment. I moved to Maui 2 years ago, all by myself. Just a little survivor carving her path. We can do anything!!! EVEN SURVIVE NEUROBLASTOMA
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