Jarrett Tripp
In honor of...
Jarrett Byron Tripp
South Carolina
When I grow up, I want to be:
Jarrett is a sports fanatic so I\
My family:
Jarrett has an older sister Olivia and a little brother Nathan
My pets:
My favorite place:
Jarrett loves the beach and feeding sea gulls
My favorite thing:
playing ball , NASCAR , going to the races , and golf
My favorite movie:
My favorite song:
\" Long Black Train \" \" Jesus Loves Me\" and \" Get Right Church
Something special about Jarrett:
Jarrett has a beautiful smile and he is very spirited and brave . Jarrett has become the adopted hero of our local short track race track ( Greenville Pickens Speedway ). Jarrett has captured the hearts of many . When Jarrett was asked what he was thankful for he promptly replied \" for Jesus loving me \" . Jarrett is also very aware of his medical condition , and very brave about the treatments . Jarrett once asked his mother and dad \" if I go see Jesus will I be able to come back home ? \" To know Jarrett is to love him ..... he is a very special boy .
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