Paige Naser
In memory of...
Paige Rose Naser
When I grow up, I want to be:
My family:
Brother Ryan, Ben & Matthew, Daddy Carl & Mommy Shelley
My favorite place:
The beach in the winter
My favorite thing:
My favorite movie:
Sing yourself silly
My favorite song:
Jelly man kelly
Something special about Paige:
Paige was an absolute joy from the day she was born till she took her last breath. She never knew she was sick and amazed all who knew her with her courage, energy & passion for life. Her best friend in this world was her brother Ryan. When slipping in and out of coma she came to long enough to summon him to her bedside to hug & kiss him and to say \"I Love You Boy\" and those were the last words she spoke. She knew in her infinite wisdom that those would be the most important words she would ever speak.
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