In honor of...
Sara Rosemarie Roberts
Date of Birth:
19 Feb 1986
Date of Diagnosis:
01 Nov 1986 at Stage IV
When I grow up, I want to be:
Well I am already!! But I would want to be a doctor.
My family:
Carla and Delbert (my parents) and my Brother Lloyd.
My pets:
4 cats (Oliver age 3, Dale age 1, Elvis and Simba) 1 dog ( Zeus)
My favorite place:
My favorite thing:
My favorite movie:
My favorite song:
The Rose
Something special about Sara:
Well I can tell you alot about me! But first of all I wanna tell you why I decided to do this because if you believe in something it can come true like me. I was 8 months old when I was Diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. It gets hard when you grow and you know that your life is different from the others well not that different but when you're a child and in school or when you get older and you had cancer or have cancer it's really hard to explain it to your friends because they don't know what you're going through. Then in some way you feel like you're different from everybody around you. I know I felt that way a whole lot of the time. Especially when you have a mom or a dad that is proud that you survived and they have to tell everybody that they meet. Trust me every time my mom tells everybody what I went through I want to hide but then I look at it in a different view and say to myself it's okay she is just proud of me and happy that I am here. I had a rough time coming into this world and I had to fight to stay in and this for all the cancer survivors all over the world that young or old. Don't be afraid of the BIG C I know some of you are still probably going through it. Advice from me to you just put one foot in front of the other and take one day at a time because as you get old it will become easy and hard all at the same time. So I leave you with this in mind if you are a survivor then God kept you in this world of thing good and wonderful, and if you are a child or a mother of a child that has cancer my prayers are with you and I pray that you or your child survives like the millions of people that fought to stay in this world. God Bless to all.
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