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Projects in Need of Funding

Updated 2015

1. Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Research Grants

Funding of $75,000 to $100,000 in medical research grants will enable us to attract national attention, support researchers in areas such as lab equipment purchases to accelerate neuroblastoma research and promote additional research in pediatric cancer.

Since 1994, we supported almost $2 million in neuroblastoma cancer research primarily at a local level. Fundraising of $100,000 will enable us to pursue grants on a national level. Grants would be awarded to several of the most promising research endeavors in the area of neuroblastoma children's cancer based on the evaluation of our Medical Advisory Board.

National Sponsor – One Corporation $100,000; Two or Three Corporations $25,000 to $35,000 range

2. Executive Director

Our all-volunteer organization board, officers and friends are very dedicated, but NCCS needs a full-time executive director to meet the vast demands of our organization, run day to day operations, and help ensure our the vigorous pursuit of our mission.

Our board is interested in hiring an experienced individual sympathetic to our needs. Some of the initial responsibilities will include maintaining a national database and addressing the needs of our families; finding, contacting, corresponding, etc. with various organizations and government agencies who fund and provide support to organizations like ours; coordinating volunteers, fundraising activities and the various day to day needs of our organization.

Executive Director Sponsor $25,000 to $35,000

3. Family Support

We are currently seeing various needs among our families that we do not have the funds to support, whether it be traveling for medical treatment, helping families with uncovered medical expenses, paying for child care or extended work leaves when parents are in hospitals, etc. For families affected by neuroblastoma, the medical costs alone typically exceed $500,000. With many costs not covered by health insurance, this experience can devastate a family financially.

Family Support Sponsor $20,000

4. Internet Enhancements & Support

In 2013 we overhauled our internet website to state-of-the-art technology. It provides immediate access to the latest treatment, contact to medical experts as a lifeline to other families, and invaluable links to leading resources for pediatric cancer patients, etc.

We need continued maintenance and support for enhancements such as education and expansion of our Wall of Fame of little celebrities which should enable us to gain support and pursue national research grants!

Internet Sponsor $10,000

5. Family Resource "Survival" Guide

We need continued support for the updating and production of our Neuroblastoma Cancer Family Resource "Survival" Guide. This includes invaluable information to families with children diagnosed with neuroblastoma. The resource guide is available on the internet to all families that contact us, as well as to certain resource centers in the country. This resource guide includes the latest treatment and information on clinical studies, national and local resources, pertinent health care and assistance forms, neuroblastsoma terms, childhood cancer publications, etc.

Family Resource "Survival" Guide Sponsor $5,000

6. Family Newsletter

We need continued support for the preparation and national distribution of a periodic newsletter to families with children having neuroblastoma cancer as a forum to exchange ideas, advise of current treatment and resources available to patients and their families and promote fundraising, research, etc. Through our newsletter, we were able to inform one family whose 2 - year old son was diagnosed as terminal of a breakthrough treatment option. Because of the information we were able to provide, he now has a fighting chance to survive!

Newsletter Sponsor $6,000 estimated annual costs

7. Annual Golf Outing Fundraiser – 2016

Our annual golf outing fundraiser in 2016 will be dedicated to the 500 children lost to neuroblastoma cancer last year. The sponsor of our annual fundraiser will help pay for the mailings, insurance, dinner and other out of pocket expenses to ensure 100% of the proceeds will go to the organization.

2016 Two Fundraiser Sponsors $5,000/each, Raffle Sponsors $2,500

8. Celebrity

We need a television, radio, or sports celebrity to attend one of our fundraisers, and assist as a spokesperson for our cause!

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